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I currently teach dissection-based gross anatomy and histology to students at various levels through the Center for Anatomical Science and Education (CASE) at Saint Louis University. 

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I teach histology to medical students and pre-medical post-baccalaureate students. 

I created to focus students' observations of histological structure by including drawing exercises and interrogative questions. Students complete these activities independently or in small groups and search for structures in virtual slides, capture images or draw structures, and add descriptive labels linking structure and function.


Disection-based Medical Anatomy

I currently teach dissection-based gross anatomy to medical and allied health students at Saint Louis University.

Previously, I taught:

  • Clinically Oriented Human Anatomy, (including neuroanatomy) for first-year medical students at the University of Missouri School of Medicine

  • Gross Anatomy for first-year students of podiatry at the Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine

  • Anatomy of the Lower Extremity for students at the KSU College of Podiatric Medicine

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Undergraduate Anatomy

I currently teach Basic Human Anatomy at St. Louis University. 

In the past I taught a model- and prosection- based undergraduate laboratory for undergraduate students at the University of Missouri. 

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Biological Anthropology

I taught two undergraduate courses at Kent State University:

  • Introduction to Human Evolution, a broad survey course in genetics, primatology, and human origins for undergraduates    

  • Issues in Human Evolution, an undergraduate lab course in biological anthropology

Other Teaching Experiences

  • 2012-2013 Coordinator (Kent State University Department of Anthropology). Issues in Human Evolution. Syllabus Fall 2015

  • 2012 Content Creator (Kent State University Department of Anthropology). Issues in Human Evolution Distance Learning Lab.

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